Growing demand for comfort conditions in modern buildings

The growing demand for comfort conditions in modern buildings, requires the activation of scholars, during the design of the future building, for the provision of physical methods comfort conditions to avoid wasteful energy.
Two important factors that directly affect the energy consumption of the building and have influence on the physical and mental health of a person who remains inside, it’s lighting and ventilation.

The natural lighting provision in a property with a 24-hour operation, can reduce up to 40% power consumption by reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling of loads (cooling needs of the space). Natural lighting techniques achievement attained by: roof openings, skylights and atriums. A feature key of these techniques are the glass (Low-e, thermochromic, photochromic), reflective blinds and light pipes.

The design of the building in the light of natural ventilation, can reduce up to 30% of energy consumption and the cost – installation of mechanical means of heating and cooling of the space. The natural ventilation techniques to achieve are achieved by: through openings in the shell, lockers in the top and bottom of the interior partition walls and solar chimneys.