Project info

It is a villa in Gallou Village. This project constructed in Gallou Village which lies near Rethymno, just 4.50 km from the centre.

The villa has total living area of 135m2, with a basement of 145m2. It is consisted of kitchen, living/dining room, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, as well as stairs which lead to the basement. The basement has parking spaces and big storage rooms. The house is designed with modern architecture, with minimal lines and surfaces. The original idea was to construct a higher central block which will be covered with visible roof and will divide the building into 3 parts. In the central block there is living/dining room, which is naturally lightened up by a long linear roof opening. There is also a 3-face fireplace which is visible from all positions of the kitchen and living room. The lighting of the living and dining room was designed to stress theinternal area volume and the harmonization of materials. The plot has total area of 1.010,45m2 and has been designed with many green areas, as well as a large sitting space with a large metal pergola.

  • Total Area: 145m2
  • Location: Gallou, Rethymno
  • Year of construction: 2018