Project info

Restoration of an old Stone House. This house lies in the heart of the Old Town, next to the central square, in the centre of Rethymno.

Initially, there were two separate houses, which were united to one house with total size of nearly 400m2. The aim of our final design was to preserve its traditional architectural characteristics, since it has been characterized from the ministry of culture, as a monumental building.

The interior design is based on earthy colors, which are naturally connected to existing stone arches, fireplace and basins. Since this house is in the centre of the historical Old Town in Rethymno, we emphasize to create a natural perspective that joins the rest of the old buildings around it.

  • Building Area: 400m2
  • Plot Area: 350m2
  • Location: Old Town, Rethymno
  • Year of Restoration: 2011