Project info

The “Social Concern Centre” is a public building with a total building area of 2.500m2. It is consisted of two buildings, one will host the municipal nursery school and one a cultural centre for elderly people.

This project was assigned to Tractus Properties & Engineering from the joint venture Ergo SA – Kappa Techniki SA, to manage the project until the full completion and the final delivery from the Municipality of Rethymno Technical Department. This project is considered one of the most modern public buildings that have been built the last few years, regarding both its mechanical systems and its architectural approach. The building was built with all European safety specifications for children. The metallic “train” on the side view, which “permeates” the building of the nursery school and directs to the cultural centre of elderly people, is the trademark of the building. The playground which is used from the nursery school is regarded as exemplar, since it has been certified with the most demanding specifications.

The final result demonstrates the complexity, as well as the distinctiveness of the construction, which lasted nearly 2 years.

  •  Building area : 2500m2
  • Location: Rethymno
  • Year of construction: 2015