Project info

The SWAN Beauty and Spa centre lies in the heart of the old town, at the most commercial street of the city of Rethymno. This exceptionally traditional stone monument building, has the signs of history from various historic periods, since there is a blend of different cultural architecture, such as Ottoman and Venetian.

One can see the perfectly preserved Turkish bath (hamam), which is now ready for use, for its clients, the amazing monumental internal gallery which was used during the Ottoman occupation, from one of the Ottoman dignitaries. The Venetian wooden face of the building’s main view to the street, is well preserved and upgraded. Due to the historical importance of this building, the procedure from paperwork to design plans and construction required great caution, in order the result to fully satisfy all public authorities, which were involved for control.

  • Location: Old Town, Rethymno
  • Renewal Year: 2015